Message from Uqualla: A Call to Reunite the Tribe of Many Colors

Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations Reunite in 2015


Video: Eagle and Condor 2007

American Indian Tribes have a prophecy that World Peace will begin with the coming together of the North American Tribes (Eagle) and the South American Tribes (Condor). This occurred on the Spring Equinox in Mexico City with the Hopi, Navajo, Aztec, Mayans and others. The Hopi performed the sacred Eagle dance at Teotihuacan on the […]


Connect Globally: Join Us From Where You Live

Global Linking to the April 2015 Conference If you are not able to join us in person, you can still support and connect to the energies of this powerful event. Join from anywhere in the world! Support the Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations Unite by linking your energy and prayers to the intention of the gathering. […]

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