In Memory of Lama Norbu

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purple flowerMeditation on Death and Impermanence by Dorje Sherob, translated by Khempo Chokyi Gocha (Lama Norbu) from The Direct Step-By-Step Recitation which Accomplishes the Wisdom Mind of Vajrasattva

“The three worlds are impermanent like clouds in autumn,
The births and deaths of beings are like a dance spectacle.
Beings lives are gone like lightning in the sky.
They race by like the water in a mountain torrent.”

Grand Elder Khempo Chokyi Gocha, lovingly called Lama Norbu, was one of the invited elders to the Arizona “The Return of the Ancestors Gathering” in April, 2009. He was a revered and respected teacher. Well after the gathering he continued to teach in the community in Arizona about Near Death Inner Experience, Outer Vision and Life After Death Experience and Orientation, as well as How to Reduce Anger and Generate Tolerance and Loving Kindness.

Recently, we contacted the Tibetan Healing Center where he had taught in San Diego, California for 6 years to invite Lama Norbu to the second gathering of elders in 2015. Sadly, we learned that he had passed away two years ago from cancer. Surrounded by his devoted students and friends, he was able to continue his prayers and remained in inter-breath for 3 days.

Before he passed, Lama Norbu was able to translate the Direct Step-By-Step Recitation which Accomplishes the Wisdom Mind of Vajrasattva by Dorje Sherob. It was printed in honor of his contributions after his death.

About Lama Norbu

Lama Norbu, formally known as Khempo Chokyi Gocha

Lama Norbu, formally known as Khempo Chokyi Gocha

Khempo was born in 1942 in Tibet. When he was nine years old he entered into the Min Drol Ling Monastary and began his Buddhist education. In 1959 he escaped across the Himalayas into India and continued his education with exiled Tibetan Masters. In 1980 his master Dilgo Khen Tse Rinpoche sent him to Nepal at the Kanying Shedrub Ling Monastary as a Khempo, or Buddhist Teacher. He taught there for several years and, in 1980, Lama Norbu went on to France and taught the Boddhisatva Way of Life and stayed there for seven years. In 1994, he received an invitation from the Vajrayana Buddhist Foundation Center. Since then he had been teaching Buddhism in San Diego, California and was a resident teacher at the Tibetan Healing Center.

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  1. I am so grateful for your teachings. I think of you often. Blessings of Peace on Earth!

    • lori stiles
    • December 26, 2014

    i am saddened to learn that this world no longer has the benefit of Lama Norbu.. i was honored to have spent a good amount of time with him during this gathering . He and I drove around flagstaff in a little 1990 honda civic ..i remember we had a very happy time .It is in fact part of my shared life stories ,that i enjoy sharing ..thank you Lama Norbu for being part of so many lives ,and for giving so much during what truly was a short, yet meaningful life and touched so many in a good way!

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