Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations Unite

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The Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations Unite, Sedona Arizona will begin the evening of April 17th at Sedona Creative Life Center with a purification ceremony. Opening ceremonies will begin at 9 am on Saturday morning and continue each day through April 19th.

There will be ceremonies held for our Mother Earth and for all of humanity.

Please join with the Elders Youth & Wisdom Keepers through these days with your prayers and intentions. We are inviting the world community to join with us at a particularly auspice time on April 17-19-2015. At this time the world will join together with one voice, one prayer and one Heart energy for peace, unity, the healing of our Mother Earth, la Pachamama, for the healing of our ancestral memories, for Re-uniting the Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations, and for the Bridging of the Americas.

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  1. Thankyou, and we Love you all!

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