Please help support the elders and delegates to attend the gathering. Your donation can help fund the travel costs and expenses while they are in Sedona. International delegates will come from Tibet, India, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Africa, Asia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Scotland and North America. Members of the nations of Lakota, Cherokee, Navajo, Havasupai, Yavapai/Apache and many others will also come to greet our international brothers and sisters. Our elders and youth share a unified belief represented in the Eagle Quetzal and Condor prophecy which points to the reunion of the entire human family where the people of the North (Eagle) representing mind and technology will unite with the people of the South (Condor) representing the heart and closeness to the land. Bringing an elder and youth from their village can involve thousands of dollars. We estimate approximately $5,000 per elder. Many come from remote, hard to reach locations which will require messengers, translators, and different modes of transportation leaving family and community behind that relies on them for leadership, spiritual counsel, healing and peace keeping. These funds not only support their travel and basic needs, but their communities during the time they are away. Some will continue to stay beyond the time of the event to continue their work in the United States.

Your sponsorship will help each elder & youth to:

  • Cover basic costs of their flights and other modes of transportation, food and lodging while in Sedona. *
  • Support other tribal members traveling together. *
  • Contribute to their village and community. *
  • Provide extra time to stay in Sedona and share cultural events and ceremonies to participants. *
  • Assist their return back to the village or tribe to provide continued support and growth in the community.


Other items needed to support the elders and youth:

  • 8 tipis
  • 100 blankets
  • food—beans, rice, tortillas, fruits, veggies
  • cooking pots, pans, utilities
  • cups, dishes, flatware
  • ceremonial items: sage, candles, beads, crystals, feathers
  • 20 hammocks
  • 30 sleeping bags
  • 15 tents
  • air mattresses
  • folding camp chairs
  • 10 cots


Follow the links below if you’d like to directly order supplies for our event.

You can also give cash contribution that will go to what is needed. Tipi’s can be ordered at: Sagebrush Tipi Works Army Tents: Miscellaneous Ceremonial Supplies:

You can mail items to: ICSAW – P.O. Box 1502 – Cornville, AZ 86325 or contact by email   to make arrangements for drop off.

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