About the Eagle Quetzal Condor: A Global Convergence of Wisdom Keepers and Planetary Advocates

Indigenous Elders from North, Central, and South America will unite with Wisdom Keepers from around the world for a historic event at the Eagle Quetzal Condor gathering in Sedona, Arizona – April 17th -19th, 2015 for presentations, music and ceremonies. The general ticket is $323 and limited to 225 people. Also, there will be workshops on April 20 & 21 for an extra cost. Don’t miss our Earth Day celebration on April 22nd.

Because we are facing a global ecological crisis, the Indigenous wisdom and knowledge of the Natural World is needed now more than ever. Re-establishing a harmonious relationship to the Earth is the only way humanity can move into the future in a sustainable way. Indigenous cultures throughout the Americas –– and the world –– have maintained a reciprocal relationship with the Earth, have protected the sacred sites and ancestral trade routes, and are now sharing that wisdom with the modern world in preparation for a new planetary era; an era where modern technology and ancestral wisdom are synthesized to create a thriving world for the entire Earth Community.

While there are over 50 Indigenous Elders planning on attending the gathering, there are select Elders and global Wisdom Keepers who will be doing formal presentations. Presenters include: Grandmother Margarita Nuñez Garcia (Jalisco, Mexico), Cristobal Cojti Gacia (Mayan Elder, Guatemala), Juan Garbriel (Peruvian Elder), Uqualla (Havasupi Tribe), Ruben Saufkie (Hopi Tribe), Grandmother Laura Espinoza Cuadras (Mexicali, Baja Mx), Carl Johan Calleman, PhD (Scholar and Author), Sensei Rendo Sugimoto (Japanese Elder), Alokananda (Tribal Alliance), and more…

This conference will also focus on environmental awareness in alignment with Earth Day. There will be two environmental films that address solutions to climate change. The first is Cowspiracy and the second is The Future of Energy. The two films compliment each other and together cover the two largest areas of society that need to be transformed in order to solve the climate crisis; animal agriculture and energy consumption.

There will be lively musical performances on Saturday and Sunday night by Bhushan Stone (Alaskan folk music) and Ryan Whitewolf (Australia), The Suns of the Earth –– “Suns of the Earth are singing the song of our times and within their music lives the Mythos of a global transformational movement.” –– and I AM Life (and to bring all the people together to celebrate life.

This event is hosted by International Center of Ancestral and Spiritual Wisdom, LLC (ICSAW) and co-hosted by International Center of Cultural Studies (ICCS).

Sponsors of Event: World Healing, Planetary Advocates, Suns of the Earth,  Okleuueha Native American Church, Reviveolution, Oneness Community of New Mexico, Sedona Red Rock Adventures, Tribal Alliance, and Star Bear.

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